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      1. 夾克

        YGM 反光 FZA022 高能見度夾克(YGM Reflective FZA022 High Visibility Jacket)

        材質:150D/300D/450D 牛津布(150D/300D/450D Oxford Fabric)
        100% 滌綸經編面料(100% Polyester Tricot Fabric)
        內里面料:搖粒絨/網眼面料(Polar Fleece/Mesh Fabric)
        顏色:熒光黃/熒光橙/藍色(Fluo Yellow/Fluo Orange/Blue)
        關閉:拉鏈/鉤環/紐扣(Zipper/Hook & Loop/Button)
        口袋:接受定制(Accept customization)
        反光帶:阻燃反光膠帶/PVC膠帶/反光布膠帶/編織警示膠帶等(Fire retardant refelctive tape/PVC tape/ Reflective fabric tape/Woven warning tape etc)
        標志:接受定制(Accept customization)
        包裝:普通包裝,定制包裝(Ordinary Packaging,Customized Packaging)


        1. 150D 聚酯外殼和聚酯網內襯上采用高性能的防水和防風涂層混合制成。
        2. 用膠帶密封接縫以增加防雨性能。
        3. 拉鏈開合,帶有防風蓋和按扣。
        4. 可拆卸的隱藏式頭罩,帶有可調節的面部孔徑,可提供額外的面部防護和保護。


        Products Details:

        1. Made with a high performance blend of waterproof and wind resistant coating on a 150D Polyester outer shell, and a Polyester inner mesh liner.
        2. Taped sealed seams for added rain protection.
        3. Zipper closure with storm flap and snap buttons.
        4. Detachable hideaway hood with adjustable face aperture for additional face shielding and protection.